Welcome Letter

Read a letter from our Co-Founder welcoming you to our community.

Imagine not utilizing a resource that you already own to make your life better. This is essentially what is happening. While you read this you are letting power, opportunity, and growth pass you by. Instead of letting this tragic reality continue let's inform us for Ignorance does a service for no one. The resource being referenced is computer processing power. We now live in a society where virtually everyone has some form of connection with a personal CPU or handheld device. We are connected more so each day as fiber lines are sending data at faster and faster rates across the world. Businesses now operate on a global scale, and we now live in an era of near informational freedom.

With this connectivity, our world is seemingly reluctantly adapting to the increasing ease of access to information. Fortunately, information is relentless like a river cutting a canyon, so with this increased availability the breaking of glass ceilings culturally, scientifically, and economically are inevitable. One such adaptation stemmed from the internets globalization is Cryptocurrency, and with this adaptation, ripples have rocked the very grounds of fiscal currency. Here I offer a poetic choice... for two roads lie before us. We either embrace this unique and emerging currency, or we continue to trust a jaded system. This conversation is meant to crack the door a little more on what is happening in the world around us. It also serves to let the light in to expose our own personal financial circumstances. Offering information is the ultimate goal here, and with each update, it is the mission to broaden perspective while deepening understanding. In addition, I offer financial growth potential through understanding and passive participation in cryptography.

Your peers have gathered the minds and developed a program which can be run simultaneously while regular work is also being accomplished, or while your computer is not being actively used. This program helps the Cryptocurrency market verify transactions, and with this service, your CPU is awarded. Our program would track the work and quarterly exchange it into a wallet unique to you. Another goal of this project is to not only inform but to also involve the user so they can be rewarded for their computers effort. This is where financial progress grows its roots. A great fortune is amassed slowly, and with careful planning. By using this program the user will have access to Information on the currency they are mining, the money they are making, and ways to properly invest the accumulated monies. Start building a successful life brick by brick, and this opportunity allows you to use existing resources to do work for you while you work on other aspects of your life. This idea could eventually allow financial freedom, or at least open the door. I hope this taste of information has you hungry for more. It is an incredible feeling to gain another level of mastery over your finances. I look forward to growing with each of you weekly through the forum, and weekly content updates.

To our wealth,
John David Long
Co-Founder Carpe Crypto