Welcome to CarpeCrypto.

Are you interested in digital currencies and greater financial understanding? Our website is focused on educating and connecting the globe to this new digital currency era.

How is this accomplished? We have developed a streamlined process on the Getting Started Page. The idea of using your cell phone, tablet, or personal computer to connect each person with a way to generate cryptocurrencies without having to invest in them. Our program utlizies your devices unused computing power. This will allow you to go about your normal day but now you will be able to take advantage of resources you already have and help make a positive financial change in your life.

Click here to Read a Letter from our Co-Founder John David Long.

Below we have some videos that explain in greater detail what wallets and the blockchain are, and our official welcome to CarpeCrypto.


Welcome to CarpeCrypto.Me Watch this video to get started with financial freedeom and understanding as we explain what our process involes.

Monero Essentials

Monero is a secure, private, untraceable currency. It is open-source and freely available to all. This video explains what the blockchain is and how your Monero Wallet works.